Our Mission

To participate as a key stakeholder in promoting the economic recovery of the Bridgeport Region.


Five Focus Areas

  1. Youth Development & Reclamation
  2. Educational Empowerment
  3. Training & Employment
  4. Economic Independence
  5. Community Partnerships

Strategic Goals

  • Strengthen, enrich and diversify the cultural, social and recreational life in Fairfield County
  • Participate as a key stakeholder in promoting Bridgeport’s economic recovery
  • Increase capacity to provide need based academic scholarships for Fairfield County students
  • Build strong partnerships between PCRDC and public school administrators and teachers in Connecticut that will support collaboration among students, teachers, parents and administrators for improving the regions educational system


In Spring 2000, Pastor Derek Calhoun called together a small group of members of New Vision International Ministries to discuss establishing a community development corporation with exempt status as an IRC Sec. 501(c)(3) organization.  The group recognized that such an organization would play a significant role in realizing certain objectives, e.g., economic independence and empowerment for individuals; community revitalization; and focus on youth.  The group determined that its long term goal was to also have international impact. By consensus the group adopted the New Vision International Development Corporation mission statement.

January 3, 2002 NVIDC received its 501 (c)(3) determination letter from the Internal Revenue Service.  As NVIDC progressed as an organization, it pursued appropriate grant opportunities. In addition to receiving local and federal grant funds, in 2005 NVIDC was recognized by Office and Tech Depot for its continued community service and was awarded an in-kind grant of school supplies for distribution in greater Fairfield County.  In 2012 awarded program of the year by Connecticut Works for its NFTE entrepreneurial program.  In an effort to rebrand itself the NVIDC board voted to change its name to Park City Regional Development Corporation of Connecticut (PCRDC) in 2014.

This name identifies PCRDC with serving the city of Bridgeport and all surrounding communities in Southern CT.

Track Record and Impact


  • $75,000 planning grant received in 2004 from the office of Community Services (OCS).

  • Worked with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services for job development and economic empowerment.

  • Organized career fair sponsored through Kingdom Connections to expose over 150 attendees to approximately 35 corporations (local, regional and national)

  • Advanced initiatives to implement a $60,000 grant award from The Workplace Inc.

  • FOstered programs to assist the unemployed and underemployed population in Fairfield County.

  • Partnered with S.T.R.I.V.E, INC. to develop a program that will increase employment and skill-based opportunities.


  • Collaborated with the National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship, Inc. (NFTE) To sponsor a youth entrepreneurial internship program.

  • Held annual Glenn Williams Golf Outing to expand community relationship building and increase available scholarship funds.

  • Assisted local business owners with developing business plans and successfully launching their businesses and following up with entrepreneurial training seminars.

Youth Development & Reclamation

  1. Developed an entrepreneurial variety store for elementary and middle school youth.

  2. Learn how to operate a business, manage inventory and engage in customer services.

  3. Collaboration with the Vision Center (Institute of entrepreneurial training)

  4. Operation Reloaded Program (ORP) a program to teach the latest computer skills to youth.

  5. Collaborated with Norwalk Housing Authority on projects to increase youth awareness of technology.

  6. Conducted Toys-for-Kids program that provides food, school supplies and clothing

Educational Opportunities

  1. Awarded annual scholarship awards for new and continuing college students.
  2. Collaborated with local business owners to conduct seven-week entrepreneurial training seminar.
  3. Provided board professional development through workshops facilitated by the Director of Outreach, Connecticut Parents Plus.